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TrueCommerce DiCentral connects trading partners from a wide range of industries and across borders. We serve all common international formats such as EDIFACT, ANSI X.12, TRADCOM, etc. and of course all industry-specific standards such as EANCOM (retail), ETIS (telecommunications), Odette (automotive) or SWIFT or SEPA for use by banks.


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TrueCommerce DiCentral has already connected about 100,000 trading partners. Numerous mappings have already been implemented and based on these connections you can quickly and easily connect to your partners via EDI and exchange business data. Of course, any new partners can be connected at any time. Your documents are transformed into the respective standard and sent via our EDI network.

A list of trading partners already connected to TrueCommerce DiCentral's international EDI network can be found here:

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To the EDI network - America and ROW

The use of TrueCommerce DiCentral's data hub ensures a flexible implementation of our requirements. We were particularly convinced by the smooth data exchange between our systems and the variety of supported data formats.
Jörg Engel
Team Leader Measurement Data Management and System Support, VOLTARIS GmbH

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TrueCommerceDiCentral's EDI solutions offer system houses and providers of ERP systems the perfect complement to their portfolios. With our partner programme, we enable the development of new markets and sales.

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Nothing is more important than standing out from the competition! TrueCommerce DiCentral's cloud-based EDI solutions can be seamlessly integrated into many ERP systems and round off the portfolio of your system house.

Of course, our flexible cloud solutions allow you to connect to any ERP, inventory management, warehouse management, e-commerce, accounting, and other systems that your customers use.

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We have ready-made modules for the following ERP systems

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A selection of our partners

At TrueCommerce DiCentral, we always strive to establish outstanding partnerships with world-class supply chain and technology companies. As a result, we offer you seamless and easy connectivity. Together with our business partners, we connect you securely and efficiently with your business partners at home and abroad in the retail, textile, energy, automotive, telecommunications, and many other industries.

Overview of our partners

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