Electronic data interchange (EDI) between organisations is one of the most important areas of digital transformation. EDI has become indispensable for the efficient processing of supply chains today. By digitizing data transfer, companies can automate and accelerate their workflows and processes, eliminate errors, reduce manual workload, reduce costs and improve liquidity.

Now your organisation can also benefit from EDI - Welcome to TrueCommerce DiCentral!

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Planning and implementing your EDI solution: We can do it for you

At TrueCommerce DiCentral, we help you in implementing EDI  in the best possible way. We support you in optimising your processes and advise you on all topics concerning the connection of your IT infrastructure to our cloud-based EDI platform. Communicate quickly, reliably, and effectively with your partners.

For an optimised EDI solution, we first analyse your business processes and create the perfect plan for your company based on your individual requirements.
Redundant data entry and the associated manual errors are avoided. At the same time, you benefit from a ready-made EDI system that can be optimally connected to your infrastructure.

Companies that use TrueCommerce Dicentral’s EDI solutions have a strong and competent EDI partner on their side offering support 365 days a year via e-mail or telephone through TrueCommerce DiCentral’s worldwide, around-the -clock customer service.


Our customers: Large, medium, small - but best positioned via EDI 

We cater to businesses of all sizes - small, mid-sized or large companies. Many of our 18.000 customers are internationally active and come from a wide range of industries.den.

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EDI from the cloud: Our solution for your security

When you implement your EDI solution as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), you don’t have to build your own infrastructure. Thanks to our secured cloud solutions, you will not have to worry about the security of the system (Microsoft Azure). Our specialists help you with the set-up:

With ready-to-use, cloud-based EDI and supply chain solutions, your company will quickly be able to exchange important business documents electronically with business partners.
At the same time, this has the advantage that all suppliers and partners involved do not have to connect to the company network via a firewall but work directly with the cloud solution.
TrueCommerce DiCentral's cloud-based EDI platform is a cost-effective alternative to in-house solutions. It offers availability, security, scalability, customisability, traceability, and reliability.

Electronic data interchange with your ERP or e-commerce system

With EDI, you convert your paper-based processes to a secure, fast, and error-free digital system. In the process, your suppliers and customers are also connected. When introducing EDI, you connect your IT applications such as ERP or e-commerce systems by means of interfaces. This allows you to process information, use and exchange dara rgar previously remained unused or could not be used effectively via paper-based processes.

At TrueCommerce DiCentral, we stand by your side so that the implementation can be carried out as smoothly as possible and you can reap all the benefits of EDI. With over 20 years of experience in cloud-based EDI solutions and processes, we can help you with all the challenges of seamlessly connecting to your respective ERP and e-commerce systems.

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WebEDI: the right EDI solution with just a few partners or transactions

Free WebEDI Consultation

business documents on office table with smart phone and laptop computer and graph business with social network diagram and two colleagues discussing data in the background

One variant for the use of EDI is WebEDI’s web interface. WebEDI is the perfect entry into the world of electronic data interchange and is worthwhile if you have only a few trading partners.

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Our solution is perfect for traders who want to connect smaller suppliers to their systems via EDI. The aim is always to offer their own customers a comprehensive range of goods as easily as possible. As a competent on-boarding partner, TrueCommerce DiCentral digitises your supply chain worldwide.


Small and medium-sized companies that want to cooperate with large suppliers such as LIDL, Sainsbury's, Tesco etc. have to exchange data via EDI. WebEDI is the perfect solution to be listed with these retail chains.


EDI as an integral part of the digital transformation: an important factor for all industries

EDI is a necessary way for companies of all sizes and industries to optimise their processes, improve the supply chain and connect data sets into a holistic digitalised solution.

Orders, invoices and all processes involved in supply chains are coordinated, digitised - and are thus also made transparent for all users.

With electronic invoices, you can accelerate and simplify invoice processing, eliminate errors, relieve employees, and archive the necessary documents in a legally secure and data protection-compliant manner. TrueCommerce DiCentral naturally offers you competent advice and an optimal introduction of e-invoicing for your company.


TrueCommerce DiCentral's large trading network: increase your turnover quickly

TrueCommerce DiCentral has a global network of more than 30,000 connected trading partners that is constantly growing. We connect trading partners from a wide range of industries and enable the exchange of business data in various formats, such as EDI or XML - even across national borders. TrueCommerce DiCentral customers can exchange business documents with any company in the TrueCommerce DiCentral network and, of course, add new trading partners.

In addition to connecting to platforms such as Zalando, Asos, Amazon, and many more; TrueCommerce DiCentral seamlessly connects its customers to e-commerce shop systems such as Shopify and Magento.

Whatever your business strategy, we connect you to all partners quickly, securely, and competently. We enable you to focus on your core business competencies while we focus on ours - EDI!


Do you want to exchange business messages with one or more customers or suppliers quickly and easily via EDI? We will get you "EDI-ready" in no time and enable you to exchange EDI messages with all your trading partners.

Our EDI advantage:

  • EDI as Managed Services (Cloud) or OnPremises
  • 24/7 support 
  • Dashboard in a web interface
    Real-time notifications on smartphone/tablet for defined events
  • Supply chain management
  • EDI integration with ERP systems
  • E-Invoicing

Our solutions are unique and tailored to your needs and grow as your business requirements grow.

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